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FriXion is a sexy new social kinetic experience.

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FriXion is a new kind of social network

We are an ambitious startup with the goal of getting people interacting physically on the internet. With this in mind, our beta explores ways that intimacy can be augmented by technology. Using sophisticated haptic teledildonics two or more FriXion users are able to touch each other and even have sex at any distance. On FriXion you can connect with people you know, people you meet, and experience virtual solo interactions with haptic encoded media, games, and other content.

Simulate and Stimulate!

Unique to FriXion, our most advanced peripherals use bidirectional force feedback telemetry to create simultaneous one to one motion and resistance between your and your partner's device. The result is convincing and organic intimacy over any distance, from across a room to across an ocean!

Interact on any budget

Use a simple and low cost wristband accelerometer that uses the motions of your arm or any toy to intuitively control a partner’s device. Mouse, keyboard, and smartphone controls offer a no-barrier entry to remote interaction.

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We are looking for early adopters of all genders that will have a chance to see deep discounts and giveaways to be part of the FriXion Revolution!  A revolution that will bring with it an unprecedented opportunity for sexual empowerment, freedom, security, exploration, and access.

Our Universal Telemetry Translation API

The FriXion Telemetry Translation API combined with powerful intellectual property and license protection enables any third party developer whether they represent an existing hardware vendor or a hobbyist making one off prototypes to map the inputs and outputs of any device or software to be instantly integrated into the FriXion ecosystem to interact with users and other content.

Our open and modular API allows all devices to interact with each other where their functionalities overlap.  Our launch devices are exciting and work great! However, it's only the beginning.  A developer friendly plugin system will enable users and other third parties to integrate new devices as well as extend the functionality of existing ones. This approach will accelerate innovation in the haptics space creating still unimagined experiences in the future. 

  • Diverse asymmetrical configurations allow for any budget or desire
  • One to One, One to Many, and Group interactions between devices
  • Encoded videos, games, and other software as well as record and playback of any live encounter

If you have hardware or software that you want supported by FriXion contact us today to find out how!

Tell us how you would use FriXion, an existing relationship? Dating? Casual encounters? Transactional interactions? Be creative!

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